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Who Cares

Sometimes it is tempting to believe that no one truly cares about us, that we are alone in the world... in our families... even in our own homes. As we launch our new series at Community, we will search the scriptures to find out Who Cares? about the details and developments in our lives. Whether you're doubting, despairing or dreaming big, join us next Sunday, April 7, to explore why God's unrelenting concern for us makes all the difference in life.


Fighting Mad

Our families are under relentless attack. The devastation of homes falling apart all around us is taking its toll. It's time we get Fighting Mad and stand up against anything and everything that threatens the health of our families. Step into the ring with us beginning Sunday, February 3 as we begin our new series, Fighting Mad, and discover how to protect our homes by arming ourselves with the truth found in God's word.


Love Out Loud

You've heard the saying actions speak louder than words and this is especially true when it comes to faith.

Join us for our Love Out Loud series, beginning Sunday, January 6, as we explore what it means to live in such a way that God's power is known in our relationships, families and communities.

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